Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29th

  Man what a long Weekend, three months is not long enough to get ready for a fitness show but man o man did i look as good as you could get in that short time :D. Allot goes in right before the show which I didn't know and I think its pretty cool, you have to eat jelly beans and work out right before the show so you have this awesome pump I mean you like BOOM! It's crazy.  I was sooo tired during the show, no water, no food, and I had to hide from the sun so I didn't die or pass out lol.  Eric The Trainer was there along with the people from KICKBUTT BALLZ they where awesome.  Me and Jennifer Bricker after the show went and hung out for 2 seconds by the beach and and took a picture (yes just one lol) we where so tired and I needed food.  

We went to In & Out for burgers, the line was out to the road and I have never tasted a burger soooo soooo good. I mean you could have made a commercial just on what we where saying about it lol. I had never been so i loved it.  After that we went to Menchise with our friend Roger and I just loaded my yogurt up, Chocolate chips, Kiwis, M&M, Mini M&M and chocolate yogurt, best thing ever.  We went home to cool off and went to see Hunger Games, so the day was long and fun I'm still sore from all the push ups and pull ups i did so no workout today ;) 


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  1. smoking hot...like a fine wine, you are getting so much better with age stud