Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30th

  It looks like another month that's just taking off just as fast as it came, I'm pretty excited though every time I think things are going to get crazy and not go my way something turns around and I manage to stay on top.  I'm so blessed to have the people that are in my life, I just finished going to an event with my friend Dominic and hanging out all night (10 o'clock) lol.  I've been able to audition and work and even write this blog while I'm on set! I might be joining a soccer league this weekend because I love to play and the tennis league is not fitting with my schedule huh haha.  But over all I really can't complain and so happy to have amazing friends and fans like you,  I've been in LA now for 3 yrs and I can't believe how much I've gotten down. I'm writing songs which by the way sound awesome because of my amazing team of talented artist and I only know that things will get better I felt hard times and I do not wanna go back lol. O before I forget I joined a gaymer group, probably one of the coolest thing ever.  I played a game called Catan, yeah it's amazing star trek addition


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